RUCKIFY INC. (HEREAFTER REFERRED TO AS “RUCKIFY”/“WE”/”US”/“OUR”) OWNS ANDOPERATES THE WEBSITE LOCATED AT WWW.RUCKIFY.COM (THE “WEBSITE”) ANDRUCKIFY APPLICATION (“APP”). THE RUCKIFY WEBSITE AND APPLICATION WILL BEKNOWN AS THE (“PLATFORM”) OR (“SERVICE”). HEREAFTER IN THE TERMS WE MAYREFER TO THE “POSTER”, “RENTER”, “USER” AS “YOU”, “YOUR”, OR “MEMBER” . WE’LLDO OUR BEST TO CLARIFY WHO WE ARE REFERRING TO THROUGHOUT THE PRIVACYPOLICY.In this Privacy Policy we will explain how we collect, use, store, and share your personalinformation and other data (collectively referred to “data” hereafter) when you are using orcreating an account on the Ruckify Platform.We may change or update this policy, please look at our “last updated date” to see when thispolicy was last updated. Any changes or updates to this policy will come into effect when it isposted on our website or platform. Your continued use of our platform means that youacknowledge any updates and accept them. If you do not agree with this policy or with anychanges to the policy please discontinue your use and email us to voice your concerns.Data Collected and Use of:When you create an account on our platform, engage with us by email or social media,subscribe to our emails, book an item, or call inquiring something, different types of data isbeing collected. The only way we gather your data is by you allowing us to by in one way oranother engaging with our platform or business. Our Ruckify community is built on Trust, Safety,and Honesty which is why we will gather as much personal information about a member toensure people are who they say they are and in some cases will verify with a phone call or athird party service. In order for a person to book an item through our platform, they mustbecome a member first, therefore providing some the data points below. The types of data thatwe collect (our third party service providers may collect) are as follows:● First & Last Name● Home Address● Phone Number● Email Address● Profile Picture● Age/ Date of Birth● Credit Card Information● Social Media Accounts● Item’s Name● Item’s Pricing● Availability● Pictures● Item’s Pickup and Delivery From Location● Booking Dates● Platform Page Use● Bank Account Information● Payment Amounts● Refund Amounts● In App Messages● IP Address● Device Type● Device Model● Device Operating SystemThe data points above are used to:● Verify your identity when you are creating an account on our platform (third partyprovider Facebook and Google)● To create personalized content for you● To communicate with you regarding your engagement with our platform● To send promotional or marketing content● For billing purposes (third party provider Stripe)● To allow you to interact with other community members● To receive notifications● To help us improve our platform● To create reports based on your engagement with the platform● To calculate the most used areas of our platform● To see where members are located● To send payouts and refunds from bookings● To see item types being posted● Gathering data about member postings● Platform performance based on device type, model, and operating system● To track platform usage, violations, fraud, or illegal activitiesPersonal Information:Ruckify will not make public outside of our platform any of your personal information such as:First & Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Home Address, Credit Card Information,Age, Social Media Accounts, or Profile Picture without your expressed written consent. Yourcredit card information is stored by a leading third party service provider Stripe and will in noway be released to anyone by Ruckify. We are not responsible for what happens to or what ourthird party service providers does. By interacting with our third party service providers you areacknowledging that they may collect your data as well which Ruckify is not responsible for. Weask that you do not disclose any of your personal information unless you are explicitly asked byRuckify when creating a profile or processing a transaction.Outside of Canada:Ruckify follows the laws of the Canadian government in which we operate in and are notintended or subject to the laws of jurisdiction of any state, province, country, or territory otherthan Canada. By using our platform or any related services you acknowledge and agree thatyour collected data may pass through different geographic areas in which Ruckify operates in.As a result, this information may be subject to access requests from governments, courts,regulatory agencies, security authorities or law enforcement in those jurisdictions according tothe laws in those jurisdictions.Data Collected From Your Device:With your consent we will ask permission to see your location. This is to provide you the bestexperience by localizing search results or giving you estimated delivery fees. We will also collectinformation about your device type and operating systems. Our third party providers mayautomatically obtain information when you visit our Platform, including cookies, web beaconsand other technologies. Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer. They aredesigned to hold a small amount of data specific to a particular website, and can be accessedeither by the web server or your computer.Data Sharing:We may share the data listed above with other users and members of the Ruckify community.We also may share your profile data with business partners or associates, as needed. We maypublish information related to an item’s posting on social media sites and other third party sitesto promote your postings.We may share your Data:● With service providers who work on our behalf, such as cloud storage providers, andother third party service providers that provide features or functionalities which weintegrate into our Platform, such as payment processors, insurance provider, email,SMS, push notifications, communication or marketing service companies● As necessary or appropriate, with members of fraud and theft prevention networks inwhich we are associated with● As necessary or appropriate, with our attorneys, accountants, auditors or other advisors● As required by law, such as to comply with a subpoena or other legal process, or tocomply with government reporting obligations● When we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary (a) to protect our rights, theintegrity of the Platform, or your safety or the safety of other members, or (b) to detect,prevent, or respond to theft or fraud, violations of law or our policies or Terms of Service,or other misuse of the Platform● To the extent reasonably necessary to proceed with the negotiation or completion of amerger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of our assets (including in the event of areorganization, dissolution or liquidation)Third Party Service Providers:The Ruckify Platform does have third party service providers such as but not limited to socialmedia websites, communication providers, payment processing, data storage, analytics,hosting. These providers may collect and store your data, your IP address of the device you areusing to connect with the platform. It is also possible that these providers send a cookie toensure all features and services are working properly and as expected. Any interactions withthese third party service providers from our platform are governed by the policies of thecompanies that provide the service or function. If you would like a list of these companies,please email us for a list to view their privacy policies.Underage People:The Ruckify Platform does require a user to have a credit card on their profile before posting orbooking an item from or by another member. The platform is not intended for anyone under theage of eighteen (18) years old and we do not target the platform to people under age. If anunderage person does wish to engage with our platform it must be accompanied by a parent orguardian by using their credit card. By doing so the parent or guardian assumes allresponsibility and liability for the underage member. If you know an underage user has createdan account on the platform without the permission or consent of a parent or guardian pleaseemail us.Disclosure:By creating an account on the Ruckify Platform and entering your personal information, youacknowledge that some of this will be made public for any of our members to view or a personbrowsing the platform. The information that will be made public is as follows: First Name, ProfilePicture, and General Radius of Item Posting. If you have Posted an item and have confirmed abooking with another member then you will also have your phone number, email address, anditem pickup location shared with the member who has booked with you. The member who hasbooked from you will share their first name, phone number, email address, and profile picture.When a member creates a posting on the platform, all of the information is shared publicly suchas: item name, picture, description, pricing, availability (if used), member profile picture, memberfirst name, general radius of the item’s location, link to the member’s profile, profile and itemreviews, and any other additional information that you may add to the posting.Ruckify will never share or store your credit card or banking information. This private data isused by and stored by our secure third party providers who are leaders in their industries.Any information that you choose to share yourself through the in-app messaging feature, inperson, or by any other means on the Platform is at your own risk and you alone areresponsible for. We strongly advise you to not share any other information that is not alreadybeing shared. Such as your Last Name, or Address, Credit Card or Banking information, or anyother information that Ruckify has not asked you for. Ruckify has made this platform on trust,safety, and honesty which is why only certain information is share at certain times with othermembers.Updating Data:Any data that you have entered on the Ruckify Platform such as your personal information maybe changed at any time by logging into your account and editing your profile. For your protectionand the protection of our members you may be subject to review as we have to verify the editedinformation. If you wish to close your account with Ruckify and then have us clear any of yourpersonal data from our system as best as we can please email us to do so.Security:We have strived to put into place reasonable security measures in an effort to protect PersonalData against unauthorized access, destruction, or alteration while it is under our control.However, no method of transmission over the Internet, and no method of storing information,can be 100% secure. So, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your transmissions to usand of your Personal Data that we store. Personal Data may be accessed by people within ourorganization, or our third party service providers, who require such access to carry out thepurposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, or such other purposes as may be permitted orrequired by applicable law.We are not responsible for any unauthorized disclosure of personal or other data caused by anyof our third party providers. Your account data is accessible online through the use of yourprivate password. To protect the confidentiality of Personal Data, you must keep your passwordconfidential and not disclose it to any other person. You are responsible for all uses of ourPlatform by any person using your password or your account. Please advise us immediately ifyou believe your password has been compromised. We are not responsible for your failure tocomply with this clause, or for any delay in shutting down your account after you have reporteda breach of security to us.

Privacy Policy:

Last updated: December 8th, 2017